Why Us!

EnviroInvestigations & Remediation, Inc. (ERI) has a proven record of providing expert consulting services at petroleum and non-petroleum contaminated sites in Maine and New England. Our diverse experience, innovative solutions and competitive fees allows us to provide high-quality professional and responsive services necessary to successfully address your needs, meet required deadlines and bring your issues to closure.

EnviroInvestigations & Remediation, Inc. provides a wide range of services including:

Real estate property transactions or Phase I and II environmental audits;

Residential well water testing (fuel oils, gasoline, MTBE, arsenic, bacteria, iron, hardness, pH, etc.), troubleshooting, treatment system designs and installation oversight; (see Advanced Quality Water Solutions)

Investigating the source and extent of air, soil, ground and surface water contamination;

Granular activated carbon (GAC) sales, system designs and changeout services;

GAC Adsorption Design Software for Liquid & Vapor Phase Systems;

Soil, groundwater and concrete surface bioremediation;

Groundwater sampling to identify potential threats to drinking water supply wells;

Evaluating, designing, operating, and monitoring remedial systems for soils, chemical vapors, groundwater, pure product and dissolved-phase contamination until site closure;

Soil vapor extraction (SVE) and air sparging design, testing, construction and operations and maintenance;

Project Management and general contractor roles; and

Site restorations.

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